Hot Tracks: Funny Public Access TV Music Reviews

Hot Tracks:

Why do I love Public Access Television so? Shows like this:  Hot Tracks!  Hosted by Nick Van Zanten and J.B. West, Hot Tracks  provides awesome music review and commentary…. Awesomely hilarious! These two should be on real television!

According to Aceinyourface on YouTube, this show, broadcast from Hudsonville High School just outside of Grand Rapids, MI, has been on for many many years and is still going strong to this day.

And yes, Nick  and J.B. are for real! In fact, LIKE them on Facebook by clicking here:

Enjoy these great clips:


Hot Tracks: (Sadie Mae 1:21)



Hot Tracks 13 (Hip Problems :28)



Hot Tracks 16 (Superman 1:50)




Hot Tracks  24 (Menopause Girls 1:36)


Hot Tracks 14 (Need I Say More Likely)



Hot Tracks 21 My Fav!!!! (Air Jam – Living on a Prayer 3:34)

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