WARNING: 30 Funny Signs – Please Proceed Cautiously

Following These Signs Could Cause Serious Bodily Harm or Mental Anguish

Hey, Sign Guy… What in the hell were you thinking? Ok, we can forgive the bad english or getting lost in translation, but again… YOU had ONE JOB! But thank you anyways. These Funny signs from around the world made our day.


Sign me up!

3-Way Coming Soon - Funny Signs


That sounds relaxing.

Bling Cactus Message - Funny Signs


I’m putting together a foursome…

Players Must Put OUt - Funny Signs


Please be aware the ground is not on the third floor.

- Funny Signs


When it comes to children, I prefer catch and release.

Fishing for Children - Funny Signs


Together united, pooping for one common goal…

Lost in Translation - Funny Signs


Typical male.

Kun & Go - Funny Signs


I hear they even have a drive thru…

Suburban Sexpress - Funny Signs


Ouch! Take it easy, Ross!

Ross Staples Dick's - Funny Signs


Why… what are you gonna do to me?

Lost in Translation - Funny Signs


There’s no such thing.

Quiet Woman WAy - There's No Such Thing - Funny Signs


What are you doing after Thai?

Poo Ping Thai - Funny Signs


Not in front of the kids…

BJs on the Beach - Funny Signs


Flavoured, huh? Still, I’ll pass.

Clark's Special Nugget Plug - Funny Signs


Anything for the lady…

Lost in Translation - Funny Signs


It’s not as big as advertised.

Harry's Package - Funny Signs


You know I would if I could!

- Funny Signs


Do not turn your back to the railing.

Jumping Gay Walrus - Funny Signs


Restrooms for Creepers.

Lost in Translations - Funny Signs


I will on my way home…

Texting Kills - Funny Signs


Rockford: The Fine Dining Capital of the Midwest.

Taco Bell - Funny Signs


No thanks. My ass smells fine on it’s own.

Ass Fragrance - Funny Signs


Yes, life is always better when you have no piss on your shoes.

Lost in Translation - Funny Signs


Have you seen my dog?

- Funny Signs


Then why even go?

Little Hope Baptist Church - Funny Signs


I figured that’d be Mr. Crabs’ job.

Burger King - Funny Signs


I’ll never shop there again. The service stinks.

Fart - Funny Signs


Food Don’t Suk…

- Funny Signs


Why buy an armadillo that you’re only going to use once or twice?

Armadillo Rental- Funny Signs


Welcome to Jerry Sandusky Ski Resort.

- Funny Signs


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