Ouch! 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos

The Ugliest of the Worst Tattoos

We regret to inform you that your tattoo regrets won’t wash off. Sorry.


My Mom's Tats – 15 Bad Tattoos


Poor child. He was born without pupils.

Spooky Zombie Baby – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos



Priceless! – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos


I’d say he likes his pickles.

Claussen Pickles – 15 Bad Tattoos


City Boy or Shitty Boy?

City Boy – 15 Bad Tattoos


Oh, good Lord. Pull your pants back up.

Butterfly Butt – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos


Must be the D.D.T.

Deformed Eagle – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos


That’s one scary bee’atch!

Woman & Guns – 15 Bad Tattoos


So you have a girlfriend? I didn’t think so.

Money Over Bitches – 15 Bad Tattoos


Bet she got walloped in the head with those brass knuckles before she came up with that.

Brass Knuckles Chest Piece – 15 Bad Tattoos


Looks like you’ve had three too many.

beers – 15 Bad Tattoos


Good boy. One last rat in the house trailer.

baby rat – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos



ReAvatarded – 15 of the Worst Bad Tattoos


No wonder she’s so ugly. All her bones are deformed on the ends!

LOL – 15 Bad Tattoos


Yep. Life’s too short. So is one of your words.

Misspelled – 15 Bad Tattoos

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