I Do! I Do! I Do! 14 Funny Wedding Pics

Here Comes the Chuckles

Funny Wedding Pics ‘Til Death Do You Part

Love & Laughs from the Bride & Groom


They ran calling Wiiiiild…. fire…



Is she marrying a young, blonde Steven Tyler?

80's Hair ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Don’t worry. You’ll get your chance.

You'll Get Your Chance ~ 14 Funny Wedding Picturess


When you marry a Poltergeist…

When You Marry a Poltergeist ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


Fill in the blank: These are the most ____________ Bridesmaid Dresses.

Snazzy Dressies ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pictures


It wasn’t until years later that she discovered for herself the shark he hid inside.

Shark! ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pictures


Maybe he should have asked her in a text?

14 Funny Wedding Pictures & Stuff


Must’ve been one helluva reception.



Let’s get it started, ha… Let’s get it started in here…

Hot Dog! ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


The new mother-inlaw can have that piece, thank you.

Squirrel! ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


For the man who has everything– The new Pocket-Size Bride from Ronco.

Tuck Her Away ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pictures


Meanwhile in Russia…

Meanwhile in Russia ~ 14 Funny Wedding Picturess



Oops! Flash! ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pictures


Please let this “Walking Dead phase end soon.

Zombie Wedding~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


I Do! I Do! I Do! 14 Funny Wedding Pics

I Do! I Do! I Do! 14 Funny Wedding Pics 1

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