15 Bad Tattoos So Full of Regrets

The Ugliest Inkings. The Worst Ideas. Tattoos That’d Be Funny if They Weren’t so Horrible.

Yep. It’s Bad Tat Toosday.

Nailed it!

Bad Baby portrait in Santa hat tattoo


Mom & Dad’s little monster.

Monster Energy Mom + Dad Kyle Back Tat


Busted for Stupidity.

Bad Face Mugshot Tattoo


Doesn’t he look a little bit like Amy Winehouse?

Bad Jesus Crucifixion Chest Tattoo



Bad Tribal Cow Tattoo


If that is a cover-up tattoo, I’d hate to see what’s under it.

Bad Cover-Up Tattoo


Spooky is right!

Cockroach on Butt ~ Yes, very spooky


She kinda looks like a Sock Monkey.

Bad Woman Portrait Tattoo


How to deflect attention from a receding hairline.

Spooky Cockroach Butt Tattoos


I belife ya.

Belife Makes Things Real ~ misspelled tattoos believe


Wouldn’t a tiny head like that throw off your equilibrium?

Bad Skateboarder Back Tattoo


Looks like somebody didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas.

Screw You, Too Santa tattoo



Why so serious back tattoos


Meanwhile in the Land of Enchantment…

Bad Unicorn Penis Horn Tattoo


Happy Holidays. Love, The Clause.

Santa Merry Xmas Knuckles Tattoo

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