15 Funny GIFs That’ll Make Ya Spit Your Milk From Your Nose

The Funniest GIFs of the Weird, The Crazy, & the LOL Nuts

Funny .GIFs ~ Britney spears and Patrick from Spongebob scream on American Idol


spider playing drums



Funny .GIFs ~ Spiders on toilet seat



Funny .GIFs ~ creepy dog stares at woman



Funny .GIFs ~ Crazy fans in body stockings taunting hockey player from Toronto Maple Leaf sin the penalty box



Funny .GIFs ~ Japanese man with candy bar doing happy dance



Funny .GIFs ~ Bird crash lands and blows up



Funny .GIFs ~ CNN News Reporter photobombed by smirking kid, white man turns to black



Funny .GIFs ~ Cat in a box rolls past



Funny .GIFs ~ Kid whips out on diving board trying to do a back flip



Funny .GIFs ~ Kermit the frog typing wildly on the Muppet Show



Funny .GIFs ~ Kid on old computer watching a woman twerk


Funny .GIFs ~ Tina from Bob's Burgers Twerking



Funny .GIFs ~ White Folks, Black Folks reaction to same magic trick



Funny .GIFs ~ Vintage creepy woman licking her lips

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