32 Crazy Funny Signs That’ll Make Ya Go Huh?

From lost in translation and bad English to just plain strange “what were they thinking!?”

Weird & Wacky Signs of the Times

funny signs explosive dog training in progress keep out


2.) As a wise Yoda once said…
funny signs lost in translation bad english in case of monkeys


3.) “Excuse me, can you point me to the hoods and crosses, please?”
funny signs white power accessories


4.) OMG.
if you see someone drowning lol funny signs


5.) It gets very lonely living alone in the mountains.
funny signs beaver dick


6.) Now that’s how you inspire our youth!
bus sign take action quit school funny signs


7.) “2, please.”
toilet sign in front of elevator japanese funny signs lost in translation


8.) The Annual Gathering of 10,000 Disgruntled Assholes.
summer bitch festival funny signs


9.) Oh, my. There’s no reason to start the name calling.
doctor's office sign cunt examination funny signs lost in translation bad engrossh


10.) That’s just cruel.
handicapped deformed person funny signs lost in translation bad english


11.) Power-up, ladies!
feminine hygiene batters store sign funny signs


12.) “We’re slashing our prices to keep you from straying!”
monogamy now 10.99 funny signs


13.) Wow. I’d like to see the man capable of that!
funny signs do no open door with penis sanitary door opener


14.) What? No self-gratification in the ticket line?
funny signs lost in translation bad english


15.) And right around the corner from Doo Doo Drive…
poo poo place funny street signs


16.) The Veal of the Human Race…
we're eating kids for free funny signs
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