15 More of the Worst Tattoos & Hangover Regrets

It’s Bad Rat-a-Tat Toosday!

Hola on Tonge Arm pit hair vagina gross worst tattoos ever


Hee Hee!

Bad Michael Jackson Arm pit hair vagina gross worst tattoos ever


“Friends First”, okay.  But what’s “5econd”?

Friends First Arm pit hair vagina gross worst tattoos ever


Earned Never Given Sword Arm pit hair vagina gross worst tattoos ever


Why you should obey your first instinct.

First tattoo ~ Wolf ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Go Fish.

Burning Ace of Spades~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


First question is, “Why would you get a Bob Saget tattoo in the first place?”

Bob Saget Celebrities ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Okay, what’s the freakiest? The creepy kid hands? The blue eyes? The weird King Tut winged headdress? Or that sarcastic “what the fuck do you want” lip?

Bad Baby Portrait ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Oh, dear!

Horrible Deer ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Nice bra, dude.

Angle Wings Chest Bra ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Story goes that he let the tattoo artist do whatever he wanted to do. And as true as it may be, it is also an example of why you never give the tattoo artist free reign to do whatever he wants to do.

We Do Fart Pinup Letting the Tattoo Artists Dow What He Wants ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Recks is Wrecked.

Recks back ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


I believe I can fly…

Misspelled too fly 24/7 ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Finger licking good.

Colonel Sanders Killing Friendly Chickens KFC ~ Worst Bad Tattoos Fails


Wow. That’s disgusting by both today’s and 1970’s standards.

Arm pit hair vagina spreading legs gross worst tattoos ever

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