It’s Bad Tattoos Day! 16 More of the Worst Fails

WTF! Ink is Permanent, People!

misspelled regrets worst bad tattoos fails


A cheap tat is a high price to pay to join a gang.

loyalty chest worst bad tattoos fails


Another tat bites the dust.

Freedie Mercury worst bad tattoos fails


Makes sense to me.

jesus log cross facebook worst bad tattoos


Nice, dad.

man no exit only worst bad tattoos fails


Actually, that’s brilliant!

plan ahead on fingers letter d missing funny bad tattoos


Which is your favorite Disney character? I’m torn between Gus the Cinderella mouse and that freaky girl above Mrs.Potts.

terrible disney characters worst bad tattoos fails


Nailed it!

Ugly baby portrait worst bad tattoos fails


Wow. It’s like her hip and legs protrude from her midsection or something.

bad pinup worst tattoos ever


That ink is almost as good as his mad writing skills.

cheetah leopard print arm worst bad tattoos fails


It appears they ran out of ink along the way.

white trash on back worst bad tattoos fails


Anyone know what Tosh 2.0 episode he railed on this?

Jen loves Tosh worst bad tattoos fails


Why doesn’t he just wear a halter top?

Freedom on back worst bad tattoos fails


Is this one of those “How many errors can you spot” games?

misspelled tattoos bad tattoos worst don't let the past make you're decisions for today


Hoo… Hoo… No… No.

bad owl on back worst tattoos ugly


S.G.T.C. is for  Slash Gash Terror Crew, fans of the electronica band Blood on the Dance Floor.

The rest is song lyric references and the regrets she’ll someday have after she meets a nice Catholic boy who wants to marry her.

h8ers gonna hate worst bad tattoos what my dick tastes like ice cream cone

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