17 of the Worst Bad Tattoos That Define Fail

Terrible Tats, Hangover Regrets

Worst Bad Tattoos: Mi Vida Loca on chest


Is it just me or does Marilyn’s nose look like an upside-down twerking’ sheep?

Worst Bad Tattoos: horrible ugly marilyn monroe


Ms. Vitiligo Mushroom Head.

Worst Bad Tattoos: ugly woman portrait


Who believes in me? The wolf or Tink? I hope it’s the wolf.

Worst Bad Tattoos: Wolf face and timer bell


Surely someone was stoned when they inked this.

Worst Bad Tattoos: 420 stoner tat prison tat


Never tell your tattooist the quote you want when you have a mouthful of pecans.

Worst Bad Tattoos: misspelled and bad grammar


Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bad Tat!

Worst Bad Tattoos: Batman


A blunt? Seriously? I thought it was a pissed-off turd.

Worst Bad Tattoos: Homemade Blunt, first tattoo by artist done on self


Religion: It’s so hard to pick just one.

Worst Bad Tattoos: Mugshot face swastika, religious symbols


Actually, it wasn’t that bad of a game.

Worst Bad Tattoos: misspelled super bowl, spelled super bowel


I wish I could be in a gang.

Worst Bad Tattoos: sacrifice on forehead


Well, obviously he isn’t on a path to winning a spelling bee.

Worst Bad Tattoos: misspelled loyalty on chest


Oh, Christ! But I do like that little finger holding his hair beneath his nose.

Worst Bad Tattoos: horrible Jesus face on cross, warped


Is that a tick?

Worst Bad Tattoos: terrible eyeball


Fingers are hard to do. Especially when they’re stricken with severe arthritis.

.Worst Bad Tattoos: hands with ugly fingers holding paintbrush


The never lonely part I believe.

Worst Bad Tattoos: back of thighs, never met desperate, never been lonely


Wow.  You comment on this one.

Worst Bad Tattoos: Ugly Uncle Sam Skull

17 of the Worst Bad Tattoos That Define Fail 1

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