13 Funny Gifs That Will Leave You Laughing

This week’s funniest strangely weird and goofy delusional oddness from around the internet.

Funny Gifs To Bust Your Gut Wide Open


1. Mom gets her groove on
Funny gifs: girls dancing in kitchen, mom joins in


2. I hope she got her receipt.

Funny gifs: parking gate comes down and hits woman on the head


3. When you can’t think of the perfect lightning fast comeback

Funny gifs: lightning strike flashes fuck you


4. Canine road rage

dogs rip license plate of bumper of car in the middle of the street


5. Slow down Jack I’m getting dizzy seriously Jack stop it Jack I’m gonna puke Jack JACK…!

Funny gifs: Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic dancing spinning in circle with a cat


6. The daily evolution of Donald Trumps hair

Funny gifs: donald trumps hair changing, the evolution of donald trump's hair



Funny gifs: man pokes a spider nest


 8. Someone just got Chuck Norrised

Funny gifs: little boy chances cat through kitchen, cat turns and attacks.


9. Who’s my good boy? Yes you are! Such a good, good boy!

Funny gifs: Louise from Bob's Burgers tickling fondaling man' balls


10. The sweet taste of victory

Funny gifs: baseball slide face first into players ass butt


11. Innagadavaspongebob

Funny gifs: Sponge Bob and Patrick as hippies playing music


12. She earned her dollar

Funny gifs: woman pole dancing in bedroom on glass closet door


13. ‘Nuff said.

Funny gifs: wise jack-in-the-box clown

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