25 Incredible Facts about Prince You Never Knew

Things you probably didn’t know about Prince

    1. At age 7, Prince wrote his first song on his father’s old piano. The song was called “Funk Machine.”Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    2. His first band when he was a young teenager was called Grand Central.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    3. Prince is the only artist aside from The Beatles to have the No. 1 movie, album, and single in the United States at the same time with Purple Rain and “When Doves Cry.”Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    4. His favorite meal during his ‘Purple Rain’ era was spaghetti and orange juice.facts you didn't know about Prince ~ o.j. & spaghetti


    5. Prince was never too cool for romance. He once canceled a Japanese tour to record an album in hopes of impressing his crush, ‘Batman’ actress Kim Basinger.facts you didn't know about Prince ~ kim basinger


    6. Prince kept an extensive archive of unused songs, shelved albums, and assorted abandoned video projects in a storeroom he calls The Vault in his Paisley Park studio compound.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    7. Prince’s Warner Bros. contract allowed him to recruit and produce other artists for the label. He took advantage of this to produce an album by The Time.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    8. Prince was once so poor that he used to feed off McDonald’s smell instead of eating it. “I didn’t have any money, so I’d just stand outside McDonald’s and smell stuff,” he told Rolling Stone in 1985.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    9. The first time Prince ever saw his first wife, Mayte Garcia, was on a videotape. Garcia’s mother, a die-hard Prince fan, insisted that her daughter send videotapes of her belly dance routine to Prince when she was only 16. He began a long-distance courtship with Garcia with the hope of seducing her by the time she turned 18. They wrote letters to one another regularly, and he would give her tapes of new music, and she would send him videos of her dancing to it.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    10. His video shoots for ‘1999’ and ‘Little Red Corvette’ proved to be disastrous for toilets. There was so much smoke used in the videos that many people on the set got diarrhea from all the mineral oil in the air.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    11. Prince made his co-star and musical protégé Apollonia keep her marriage secret so the public could assume that she was actually in a romantic relationship with him.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    12. Prince developed a female alter ego known as Camille while working on Sign O the Times. He used the persona on the single “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” and achieved the effect by slowing down the tape as he sang in his normal register, and then speeding the tape up in playback. An entire album recorded as his feminine alter ego Camille was never released.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    13. The force is undeniable with Prince. He performed at George Lucas’ wedding.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince ~ He played at George Lucas's wedding


    14. Prince was deeply in love with Susannah Melvoin, the twin sister of Revolution guitarist Wendy Melvoin, through much of the mid-’80s. His tortured romance with her, complicated largely by his philandering, for some of his best ballads, including “The Beautiful Ones,” “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and “Forever in My Life.”Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    15. Prince named the group “Vanity 6” because, among the three members, there were six breasts. He also ghostwrote and produced a record for Vanity 6. The trio was fronted by Denise Matthews, a woman he was dating in the early ’80s. He originally wanted the group to be called The Hookers, and for Matthews to go by the stage name Vagina — pronounced “va-geen-uh” — but she refused and chose the name Vanity instead.facts you didn't know about Prince ~ vanity 6


    16. When Prince changed his name to O{+> in the mid-’90s, he presented it to journalists as though it was a completely new persona. “Prince never used to do interviews,” he told Time Out in 1995. “You’d have to ask Prince why, but you’re not talking to Prince now, you’re talking to me.”Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    17. Prince originally asked Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac to write the lyrics to ‘Purple Rain.’ She said the enormity of the track was too much for her and declined.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    18. He later co-wrote “Stand Back” with Stevie Nicks.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince ~ Stevie Nicks


    19. He wrote “Manic Monday” for The Bangles.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    20. He wrote “Nothing Compares 2 U” for The Family, but Sinead O’Connor made it a worldwide hit in 1990.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    21. Prince’s revenue streams were diminishing by the mid-’90s, but he still kept the Paisley Park complex running and fully staffed 24 hours a day and spent $500,000 per year keeping a studio ready in Los Angeles on the chance that he’d be in town and want to record on a whim.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    22. Prince is part of the reason the Parental Advisory sticker is found on some albums. Tipper Gore was shocked when she heard her 11-year-old daughter listening to ‘Darling Nikki,’ a song about masturbation. After a legal fight, the RIAA decided to put the sticker into use.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince ~ Parental Advisory Labels


    23. Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness around 1997, and subsequently dropped his more sexually explicit material from his concerts, and avoided writing overtly sexy songs for many years.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    24. Prince never listened to his old albums. “I make a statement, then move on to the next,” he said to Rolling Stone.Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Prince


    25. He played the electric guitar on Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’
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