15 Funny Gifs from Fails to Fabulous

Super Funny Gifs to Laugh You Up

Funny Gifs ~ Jurassic Park T-Rex eating French Fries



Funny Gifs ~ woman walks thru girls dancing, zero Fs given



Funny Gifs ~ videoing lion safari, baby pukes



Funny Gifs ~ Boy jumps over SUV driven by cat



Funny Gifs ~ bored dad at concert full of teenage girls



Funny Gifs ~ saluting police officer jerking



Funny Gifs ~ smirking baby



Funny Gifs ~ Disney Cruise Parade, Dope falls through rail onto Goofy



Funny Gifs ~ hurdles fail



Funny Gifs ~ zoo monkey chases boy



Funny Gifs ~ Japanese TV, girls glasses puppet



Funny Gifs ~ close call, tire narrowly misses hitting woman



Funny Gifs ~ sponge bob, having job after 2 years prison



Funny Gifs ~ woman peeks through horse legs, get pooped on



Funny Gifs ~weird dropping candy from mouth to mouthsources: Gifak.net, 4Gifs.com, FOD

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