27 of the Worst Album Covers, Bad & Bizarre!

Good golly, Miss molly! Put your eye on more of the worst album covers! This new collection of bad LP cover art makes me yarn for the good ol’ days of vinyl even more. And lucky you, some of these hilariously funny album covers come with song samples for your listening enjoyment. So put your ears on those and let us know what ya think!

More of the Worst in Album Covers


1.)  Unfortunately, all of Tim’s voices were inside his head.

Unfortunately, all of I'm Petersen's voices were inside his head... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


2.)  Word of advice… Stay out of the rain.

Windy Johnson & The Messengers, "When Jesus Comes in the Clouds" ...Worst Gospel Album Covers Ever!


3.)  Is that a young Amy Poehler?
Here's Amy! ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


4.)  Ramma Damma Ding Gong! Hot Dog!

Ramma Damma Hot Dog! The Worst Album Covers Ever!

Click to crank up Ramma’s “Hot Dog”!


5.)  Play it at 78 rpm and watch that tongue really go!

Crank it up to 78 and watch that tongue go wild!... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


6.)  I thought God loved everyone.

I though God loved everyone... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


7.)  Don’t let Ruth fool you. She’s really a guy… Seriously.

Ruth McKenny, So Hot!... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!

Hear Ruth perform this 50’s style rocker


8.)  It’s a little-known fact but the Cherokees invented yodeling.

"Yodeling Praises Unto the Lord" by Princess Romona ...Worst Album Covers Ever!

Enjoy yourself 10 minutes of Princess Ramona


9.)  And you said alien abduction aren’t real.

"We Are Being Invaded By Demons" Mahulda Ezra & Paster Deke Gozina ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


10.)  …You and J. Edgar Hoover.

Ira North, If I were a woman... The Worst Album Covers Ever!

Hear Ira’s 7 suggestions of what he’d do if he were a woman


11.)  I can finally sleep soundly knowing our world is safe.

Super Heroes ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


12.)  No thanks. I’ve heard those sounds through my roommate’s wall.

"Sounds of a Man Alone" be Dear Del Ray ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


13.)  The SPCA and Sarah McLachlan confiscated her real cats. All 127 of them.

The SPCA took away all of real cats... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!

Hear Marta sing opera to her inflatable feline 


14.) As if I need another reason to be creeped out by clowns.

Hans Koller Creepy Clown Jazz, "Relax With My Horns" ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


15.)  Kinda shatters that “big hands, big feet” myth.

Kinda shatters that "big hand, big feet" theory... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


16.)  When baptisms go terribly wrong…

Deduce & Dalvan ...Worst Album Covers Ever!

Put your ear on the emotionally stirring Massa Falida from 1986


17.)  The more money Hank makes…

Hank Locklin "The Girls Get Prettier" ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


18.)  Well, as long as it’s his own organ he’s playing…
The Secret Sex Life of the Church Organist... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


19.)  I’d get your finger out of that kid’s pocket… He farta.
"I Farta" by Bored Gjengen ...Worst Album Covers Ever!

Click and give the Gang’s entire album a spin!


20.)  Who ever thought that an ear of corn could be so disturbing?

Hit Parade corn cob ...Worst Album Cover Art!


21.)  At least it’s not a corn cob.
"Sports Cars Songs for Big Wheels" by Oscar Brand ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


22.)  Who says Germans don’t have a sense of humor?

Nisei Ahlroths Revue ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


23.)  Smarmy Smarme Lucky Lips… Smarmy Smarme Lucky Lips… Na na na na na na…

Bill Smarmy & the Business "Lucky Lips" ...Worst Album Covers Ever!

See Smarme perform live at the Priston Festival, 2015


24.)  Say it out loud like a pirate, it’s even funnier.

"Tars of the Bars" by Buffalo ...Worst Album Covers Ever!


25.)  He must have listened to his own record.

Ol' Johan must have listened to his record... ....The Worst Album Covers Ever!


26.)  Looks like ol’ Reverend Dick has an anger management issue. Or is it sexual frustration? Both?

Come experience Reverend Dick's sexual frustration!... ...The Worst Album Covers Ever!


27.)  Oh, my! I want to party with these guys!

Happy New year! ...Worst Album Covers Ever!

sources: Bizarre Records, lp cover lover, et al

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