37 Funny Ad Placement Fails You Won’t Believe

Dear Editors and Media Buyers… oh, and you guys that hang billboards or lay out newspaper and web pages… Damn! You had one job! What were you thinking? You truly failed with these funny ad placements. And quite frankly, I don’t know who are the worst victims of your shoddy work… babies, McDonald’s, or Jesus!

Hilarious Ad & Headline Fails


1.)  When I grow up…

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ McDonald's baby embryos billboards


2.)  Yep. That’s a Power Move, alright.

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ chocolate milk glass poo


3.)  The Breakfast of Champions.

Funny Ad Placement ~ Donuts, commit to be fit


4.)  I wonder what the down payment is.

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ Jesus For Lease


5.)  It’s time to move  out of your mom’s basement.

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ World of Warcraft Virgin


6.)  The true value of the Value Menu.

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ McDonald's $2 Craps


7.)  The real you…

37 Funny Ad Placement Fails


8.)  Pretending to be the real you.

Unfortunate Ad Placements ~ giant dicks billboards


9.)  Oh, God! Oh, God!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ almost there


10.)  Dang, must be cold on that there bus.

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ bus nips


11.)  Visit the Land Down Under.

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ dream vacation cruise ship capsized


12.)  That’s shitty.

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ feces chocolate beauty mask


13.)  Just cruel!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ hey genius


14.)  There’s only one way to enter the Boy Scouts…

Bad Headline Fails ~ boy scouts to accept gay boys through the back door


15,)  Oh, God!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ baby garbage


16.)  Heads up!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ decapitating saggy neck


17.)  Another fine addition to the dollar menu.

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ Diabetes McDonald's Dollar Menu


18.)  When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ peeing


19.)  Love thy neighbor, and his cat.
Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ Jesus cat


20.)  No lifeguard on duty.
Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ swimming pool open mud puddle


21.)  Let’s start a cult.

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ we've changed


22.)  Boom goes the dynamite!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ having a blast


23.)  I guess they never saw that coming.

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ if it ain't broke bus shelter


24.)  My, that’s reassuring.Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ turkish airlines escalator crash


25.)  The gift that keeps on giving.

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ zucchinis perfect for mother's day


26.)  Gives a whole new meaning to a “coffee warm-up”.
Funny Ad Placement ~ McDonald's peeing coffee cup


27.)  Player safety always comes first..

Funny ad placement fails, Halls throat lozenges condoms


28.)  Are you okay?

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ F1 driver crash


29.)  Well, that gets right to the point.

Unfortunate Ad Placements ~ Got Stump Amputee


30.)  Get down from the pole and get on the pulpit!

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ racers jesus


31.)  The perfect activity for the entire family.

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ stoning sport


32.)  When it’s time for a job change…

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ priest charged become a pastor


33.)  Not sure if that qualifies as a thirst quencher.

Unfortunate Ad Placements ~ Carrot Butt Billboards


34.) Woo-Hoo! Like winning the lottery!

Funny Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ pregnant McDonald's lucky day


35.)  Who’d put a contract out on a baby?

Bad Ad Placement Fails ~ Huggies Hitman


36.)  It’s time to delete your browser history.

Funny Ad Placement Fails ~ stop hitting on me


37.)  Coke adds life!

funny ad placement fails ~Coke billboard bj

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