13 Funny Gifs from Crazy to Hilarious

Funny Fails. Nutty Weirdness. Out-right Strange Humor. And a Puppy.

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1.)  It’s called, “Drifting, baby!”

Little Girl Drifting in Toy Car ~ Funny Gifs



2.)  You’ll never see a soccer goal like this ever again

Craziest Soccer Goal ~ Funny Gifs



3.)  Donald Trump’s latest Executive Order

Donald Trump's latest executive order ~ Funny Gifs



4.)  A camel has to eat, too

Camel Eats Kids at Safari Park ~ Funny Gifs



5.)  How I feel driving to work every Monday morning…

Driving orangutang flips off the camera ~ Funny Gifs



6.)  How I feel when my boss asks me to work lat on Wednesday

Buying Goat ~ More funny gifs



7.)  How I feel every Friday at 5:01Happy Dance ~ Funny Gifs




8.)  The Ultimate Bottle Flip… Wait for it…

The Ultimate Bottle Flip ~ 13 Funny Gifs



9.)  Never fuck with a MinionPuppy vs Minion ~ Funny Gifs



10.)  Pretty bird… and delicious!

~ Funny Gifs Baby Eats a Bird ~ Funny Gifs



11.)  When you have issues with a snowman

Rage Against the Snowman ~ Funny Gifs



12.)  Now that’d get me down the hill a wee bit faster

Bear chases snowboarder ~ Funny Gifs



13.) Have an Absolutely Fabulous! week, y’all!

Absolutely Fabulous! ~ Funny Gifs

sources:  FOD, Gifak, 4Gifs, Giphy

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