Funny GIFs: From Fails to Follies

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Funny GIFs to Make Your Day Complete

Wait for ’em… Wait for ’em…
Yes. Yes, you can dance.
Yes, you can dance... ... funny gifs man drops woman on head
Beware the Force.
Beware of the Force!... ... funny gifs cat flips off bed
Me at the gym.
Me working out... ... funny gifs... mouse bench pressing trap
Nice of you to drop in.
Panda drop ... funny gifs falls from tree
There’s one of those guys in every office.
Office guy pants split ... funny gifs
Aught!... Oh, Shit! ... funny gifs
Best magic trick ever.
Girl with the perfect magic trick ... funny gifs finger
When I try to look chill at the beach
Me on the beach ... funny gifs sea lion rolls down hill
When I get pissed at work.
Radical rebel woman pushes over trash can ... funny gifs
When my mom has a glass of wine.
My mom after a glass of wine ... funny gifs
So that’s how it works.
Thanks for the help! ... funny gifs... man pushes subway car
That’s what friends are for.Monkey & Chimp water jump ... funny gifs
Yoga stretch fail... .... kick in the face ... funny gifs
Mutely... The perfect laugh... ... funny gifs

sources: Gifbin, Gify, FOD

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