31 Hilarious Signs from Fails to Funny

Lost in translations. Stupid fails. Sarcastic comebacks. Just plain wrong.

More Funny Signs of the Times


Have a Happy Ending.

Another Happy Ending... ... funny signs


The restroom at HJ Massage.

The restroom at HJ Massage... ... ... funny signs


Not much. How ’bout you?

Not much. How 'bout you? ... ... funny signs Sup 'Merica?


Close enough.
Close enough ... ... funny signs... please slow drivel street sign


Sadly, I know exactly how it feels.

Sadly I know that feeling all too well ... ... funny signs save energy light switch turned you on then left


What if I crotched it?

What if I've crotched it? ... ... funny signs


Here’s where I get off.

Here's where I get off ... ... funny signs


Partizzle at the Home Depot!

Partizzle at Home Depot! ... ... funny signs


I’ll Michigan and Wyoming.

I'll take Michigan. ... ... funny signs a state sale


Go get’em!

Go Get'em! ... ... funny signs slap ass for motivation


Screw it.

Fuk Tat ... funny signs


Come on it.
Come on in. ... funny signs


Must be Catholic.

Must be Catholic ... funny church signs


Let the games begin!

Let the party begin! ... funny signs


You do the math.

You do the math. ... funny signs


Smile!Smile! ... ... funny signs


Thanks, guy.

Thanks, guy. ... funny signs 24 hour surveillance, blame guy who kept pooping here


Because at PrimeCare, we care. Now get in line.

Because we can. ... funny signsPrimeCare Medical, you're not a number


Can’t tell if he’s jacked to own a restaurant or pissed about it.

Can't tell if the owner is jacked or displeased over the fact he has a restaurant ... funny signs


If they’d only go to therapy.

Suicidal deer


I’ll drink to that.

I'll drink to that. ... funny signs marquee stop posting problems on Facebook, go to bar like everyone else


I can beat that.

I can beat that! ... funny signs speed limit high score


Welcome to the neighborhood.

Welcome to the Neighborhood ... funny signs


So true.

Ain't that the truth! ... funny signs bartender, even toilet can serve only one asshole at a time


Hey, at least the crack heads are going to the dentist.

Hey, at least the crack heads are going to the dentists ... funny signs


The weekly Mill Creek Meeting of the Masochists.

The Weekly Mill Creek Masochists Meeting ... funny signs


Yes, we can fix anything… ‘cept that.

Ain't No Stopping You Now... ... funny signs


Little people should never stand in the way of your taco jones.

Little people should never stand in the way of your taco. ... funny signs... closed short staff


Have a pleasant electrocution.

Have a Pleasant Electrocution. ... funny signs lost in translation


Thank God for Facebook.

Thank God for Pinterest... ... ... funny signs 1 hr poo

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