13 of the Weeks Best Gifs ~ Fails, Freaky & Funny

Have at it! They’re magically the best Gifs-o-riffic gifs!

Brighten Your Boring Day with the Funniest Best Gifs


School bowling ball pendulum experiment fail ~ boy nailed in nuts best gifs



That cat is catching a bat right out of thin air!

Cat catches bat out of thin air



Kim Jong-un ~ Friend or Foe?

The many faces of Kim Jong-Un ~ Friend or Foe



funny woman surprised and scared by fake spider



Carebears over the rainbow



Gotta love that 1980s technology!

1980s infomercial for hands free phone receiver clip



creepy funny dancing men in suits



funny dancing dog in doorway, two legs, hind legs



Funny gift exchange, creepy nicolas cage headband



Hot dog! Don’t know why this makes me laugh even harder than the Nicolas Cage gif above.

Awesome slo-mo of woman getting hit in face by hot dogs



woman on raft wiped out by wave



Crazy horse jumping fence fail gifs



Now that is a talent that will get you far in this world.

funny karate ~ woman breaking bricks with boob best gifs

sources: Gifbin, 4GifsFOD

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