33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets!

Best Halloween Costumes I’ve Stumbled Upon This Week

I love Halloween and the creepy fun that comes about this night filled with ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. And while I’m sorta past the free candy handed out by strangers thing (though I’m still quite fond of the mini Snickers bars), I love great Halloween costumes! I’m not talkin’ about those sleazy, cheap yet over-priced store-bought costumes. It’s those creative, homemade Halloween costumes that are the best! Funny or scary, pop-culture relevant or abstract, kids or adults, pet or human, these ideas rock! So here now are just some of the best Halloween costumes that I have stumbled across this week that have made me laugh, scream, and/or applaud. Enjoy!


Backpack girl is just brilliant!

Creepy old man with girl in backpack ~ Best Halloween Costumes


The story here is that their baby, Jesse, screams just like a velociraptor. And with Lost World being such a mega-hit movie last year, well, it was only natural.

33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets! 1


A little abstract but it’s a great Picasso!Woman dressed as Pablo Icasso Painting ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Shaken, not stirred. I just love me a good, dry dog martini. 33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets! 2


Plain or peanut?
Bag of M & M's ~Best Funny Halloween costume Eminem


Waynes World! WayneWorld! I swear that dog looks more like Garth than Dana Carvey!
33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets! 3


“Hi, honey. I’m Home!
Jack Nicholson from the Movie "The Shning" Door. ~ Best Halloween Costumes


“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”… A+ for all the hard work!
Beetlejuice Family ~ Best Halloween Costumes


The longer I stare at this the funnier it gets!
Corona Dog ~ Best Halloween Costumes ~ carry Corona beer 12-pack on beach


Eleven from Stranger Things.
Eleven from Stranger Things ~ Best Halloween Costumes


And now, the obligatory salute to Star Wars
33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets! 4


Best Pet Halloween Costumes ~ Sand Dog ~ Funny Halloween costumes


Kid in vintage homemade Chewbacca Costumes, 1970s ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Kids dressed as Chewbacca and Princess Leia, Star WRS ~ Best Halloween Costumes


So they had a Halloween party at work. The theme was “high school stereotypes.  Here’s you pregnant prom queen.
Pregnant Prom Queen ~ Funny Halloween Costumes


Penny for your thoughts on this one.
Abe Lincoln Penny ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Great creepy makeup job!
Creepy makeup face ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Congratulations. You’re having a Cartman.South Park Pregnant Woman ~ Funny Halloween Costumes


Finger-licking’ good!
Kid as Colonel Sanders ~ Best Halloween Costumes


At first, she was disappointed to have to spend Halloween in an oxygen tent. And then suddenly… she was struck by a brilliant idea…
Kid as Hawaii snow globe ~ Best Halloween Costumes


I chuckle every time I look at this.
Sliced Avocado boy ~ Funny Halloween Costumes


Cue the Unchained Melody, please…
The movie "Ghost" pottery scene ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Both Hall AND Oates! Awesome!

Hall & Oates Funny & Best Halloween Costumes


Friends dressed up as rollercoaster ride ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Kid Porcupine. Now that costume had to take hours to make!
Kid dressed as porcupine ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Squirrel Dog ~ Best Pet Halloween Costumes


How does that kid see out of that angry face?
Angry Face ~ ~ Best Halloween Costumes


The Shining twins. “Come play with us, Danny.
The Shining Twins ~ Funny Halloween Costumes men dressed as twins


Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings ~ Best Halloween Costumes


Hats off to Heads off!

Kids as Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII ~ Best Halloween Costumes


This is great! I finally found a costume idea that I can pull off!33 of the Best Halloween Costumes ~ Adults, Kids, and Pets! 5

Sources: Pinterest, Distractify, Costume Works, et al

If you prefer bad Halloween Costumes, here’s some of the worst —-> Bad Halloween Costumes

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