More Funny Christmas Pics ~ Weird, Wacky & Awkward

To keep ya in the holiday spirit, put your eye on more funny Christmas photos. From what not to do with your Christmas tree to awkward family photos to strange to sitting on Santa’s lap and more, like a sarcastic housewife meme, this crazy pic dump gives ya a little mix of everything to ensure your Christmas funny bone is lit.

Nutty Funny Christmas Pics for All You Strange-Minded Elves


…Like this amazingly beautiful and properly decorated cat-friendly Chrismas tree.

How to keep your cat from climbing the Christmas tree ~~ funny Christmas pics


Batman sitting on Santa's lap ~ funny Christmas pics


I’m right there with ya, Sylvia!

I'm right there with ya, honey! ~ funny Christmas pics ~ sarcastic housewife ~ the tree isn't the only thing getting lit this year


Yep, that's my family, too. ~ funny Christmas pics ~ Christmas stockings with names Mistake and Favorite


…But ya can be sure that Santa’s coming by for a visit!

...But Santa surely will be stopping in by this year! ~ funny Christmas pics sidewalk sign, Santa saw your Instagram pics, you're getting clothes and a bible


Shopping cart Christmas tree ~ funny Christmas pics


Pound cake? ~ funny Christmas pics ~ Santa weighing pot on scale


Never underestimate the creativity of redneck engineering.

Redneck Christmas Decorations ~ funny Christmas pics ~ Santa's sleigh with dear heads


Obviously that wasn’t mistletoe that there cat was munching on earlier.

Obviously that wasn't mistletoe that there cat was munching on earlier.... ~ funny Christmas gifs, cat freaks out Christmas tree lights


“Shitter was full.” A noble beer store tribute to the American classic Christmas Vacation.

"Shitter was full" Beer Display – A Salute to Christmas Vacation ~ funny Christmas pics


I must have this!

Must have that! Hail Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater ~ funny Christmas pics


Is Santa flashing a gang sign, too? ~ funny Christmas pics Gangstas sitting on Santa's lap


Snowman family ~ funny Christmas pics


Rasta Claus.Rasta Claus ~ funny Christmas pics


The perfect vintage holiday Up-Do.

The Ultimate in Christmas Tree Hair-dos


Presto~ ~aerol wrapping paper spray ~ funny Christmas pics


Mmm… Christmas weiners.Mmmm... Smokey Links... ~ funny Christmas pics hot dog Christmas tree


I’d say someone’s excited about the holidays.

Looks like someone's excited for Christmas ~ funny awkward family Christmas pics dogs humping


The perfect gift mom never wanted.

Best gift ever! Macrame plant holder. Vintage, old awkward family Christmas photos, 1970s


Leave it to a nerdy chemistry teacher. That’s great

Leave it to your science teacher... Chemistree Christmas tree mad from beakers ~ funny Christmas pics


“Like… I am your Santa, Luke…”

"Luke... I am your Santa, Luke..." ~ funny Christmas pics, Darth Vader card, find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing


Uno us, a Cat is born.

"Unto us a Cat is born..." ~ funny Christmas pics cat Jesus nativity scene manger


Careful there. Don’t want to dribble on those fine examples of Christmas fashions.

Careful! Don't want to dribble on those beautiful suits! ~ funny Christmas pics ~ men at urinals wearing ugly Christmas suits


Dr. Spock's New year's wish ~ ~ funny Christmas pics ~ Star Trek

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