28 Funny Signs ~ From Fails to Genius

Crazy Funny Signs

If you’re one who wanders the world in observance as opposed to staring down at your phone, you’re sure to stumble upon side-splitting funny signs. ¬†They’re all around us! Here’s a collection of hilarious signs to get your chuckle on. I’m sure that some of these postings, marquees and store signs were created in haste without proofreading. Some are merely lost in translation. Others, however, are extremely creative from clever and sarcastic geniuses. Enjoy!


They warned me that it was going to be tough…

Funny School Signs ~ school zone no passing ~ fail


The green ones are particularly mean.

Funny Caution Sign ~ caution tomatoes ~ street sign


Someone’s not happy about the new tariffs.

Funny Store Signs ~ Lost in Translation ~ Chinese bad English


Hmmm… Are you sure?

Funny Store Signs ~ Cat milk does not come from cats ~ store fail


Brilliant.Funny Graffiti ~ Street Mural, building, nobody really cares if you don't go to the party


But what if you enter through this door? What then, smart guy?

Funny Exit Signs ~Fail


Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!

Funny Store Signs ~All in order... Target Staples Dick's ~ store marquee


Could life get any better?

Funny Stupid Signs ~ banner outside mobile home trailer park ~ walk to Walmart and McDonald's


Hey, your sign is…

Funny Burger KingSigns ~ F'ed up ~ misspelled


God Bless the Kentucky Public School System…

God Bless the Public School System ~Funny Stupid Signs ~ Marquee Fail ~ America is the best country in the nation


Thank you, DJT.

Funny Store Signs ~ Immigration Museum ~ Keep Out


It’s the only way I know how…

Funny Stupid Signs ~ Lost in Translation ~ please urinate with elegance and precision


Now there’s a lawyer you can have confidence in…

Now there's a lawyer you can trust! ~ Funny Signs ~ misspelled law firm fail


Hey! That’s my house!

Must be my house ~ Funny Crazy Signs ~ burned out lights ~ swear house ~ men's whearhouse


Where hookers go when they break…

Where to go when hookers break ~ Funny Stupid Signs ~ hoe repair


No thanks. They give me gas.

Funny Stupid Signs ~ ICEE Slurpee Contains 10% Ethanol


Now that restores my faith in humanity.

Funny Stupid Signs ~ We accept the following forms of payment ~ small children


Good to know!Funny Stupid Signs ~ Food is an important part of a diet ~ burgers and subs


How many times do we have to tell you?!?

Oh, those dam rocks! Funny Stupid Signs ~


School lunch menus sure have changed since I was a kid.

I hear they have a great selection ~ Funny Stupid Signs ~ Eat kids at school


This one gets me every time.
Funny Stupid Signs ~ For Sale misspelled ~ for seal



Yep ~ Funny Studpid Signs ~ Driving Essentials ~ Beer


When Buddhists charge…

Funny Crazy  Signs ~ Lost in Translation ~ Pay before existing


Damn straight.

U.S.A! Funny Best Signs ~ ~ 2 types of countries metric system


I predict a lopsided victory.

Strange signs~ Fight Children with Diabetes ~ humor


For select vacationers only.

funny nutty  signs lovers anal cruises


Anyone up for a cruise?funny crazy signs YASS McDonald's billboard fail


Finally, a perfect example of why spacing matters.

funny church sign bad spacing kerning

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