Crank Up 22 Creepy Bad Album Covers!

The Worst of Classic & Crappy Funny Album Cover Art


Funny. I didn’t know Andre the Giant sang.

Fos... or is that Andre the Giant? ~ ~ 22 Bad & Funny Album Covers


“Oh, look… Larry’s drunk again.”

The Happy Occasion ~ 22 Classically Bad Album Covers


Miracle? I’d say it’s more of a Haunting.
The Miracle at My House... More like the Haunting... Creepy Bad Album Covers


Catui sings loves songs to you…. and to your double that’s standing right next to you.

Catui, Irmao De Cor ! Crosseyed & Handsome ~ Creepy Bad Album Covers


Well, if he’s the size of a loaf of French bread, then yes, he is more than enough.

Viki Jamisom, He's More Than Enough ~ Creepy Bad Album Covers


Too much rock’n’roll… And too much time spent rummaging through your sister’s closet.

- Too Much Rock'n'Roll 80's Hair Band and Bad Album Cover


Let’s not go there.

What Makes Your Cat Purr? ~ Creepy Bad Album Covers


Featuring the hits: “I’ve Got Candy in My Van” & “Ever Seen a Grown Man Naked?”

Lane Steinberg & His Magical Pony ~ Creepy Bad Album Cover Art


I think his love killed her.

Falling in Love is Wonderful, Jimmy Scott... Bad Album Covers


Wait… Does that say Jesus is all Lou Reed?

Jesus is All You Need and a bunch of young wifes ~ Creepy album cover art


Rumor has it that Harry’s “Mallet Mischief” got him 10-20 in Leavenworth.

Mallet Mischief ~ Playboy Xylophone Music of the 1960s


Let’s not go there, Dorothy.

Dorothy Goes Country ~ Funny & Creepy Album Covers


Mmmmm…. nothing like that new accordion smell.

Buy a Car Ukranian Style... With an Accordion Soundtrack! ~ Crazy Album Covers


Dutch Translation: Banana Song (there are no banana’s today)…. which leads me to believe that they used them to plug the dike.



More like, Little Jamie Redfern & Liberace… “Sitting on Top of the Wood.”

Bad-Album-Covers-Jamie Redfern


Need yours sewn?



Yes, nothing gets a teenage party rockin’ more than a bugle.



Careful. Stretch forth thy hand too close and they might just take it off!



Slovak Translation: Fishing in the City



Grab a mop and shake that thing before the husband gets home and expects his dinner.

Housewives' Playtime ~ Sexist Music of the 1960's ~ Bad Album Cover Art


He did our hair, now let’s thank him.

The Holland Trio ~ Big Hair & Gospel Music


Be careful what you pluck.

Barenaked Banjos ~ 22 Funny & Bad Album Covers

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