The Best of the Worst Nativity Scenes Ever!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

43 Crazy Funny Nativity Scenes

Balloon Animals Nativity Scene


That’s surely not Kosher.

Sausage Bacon Meat Nativity Scene in oven


Cool. That scene has by far my three favorite Wise Men.



Cheeses Christ.

Nativity Scene made from cheese


That’s just creepy.
Creepy Mannequins Nativity Scene


“When from the East, the Raptors came…”

Diosaurs Raptors Nativity Scene


Well, my drunk uncle has long said that Christmas has gone to the dogs.

Dogs Nativity Scene photo Dog Figurines Nativity Scene


A great reason to love Mexico.

Booze Bottles Cuervo Corona Nativity Scene


I guess that’d be the Holy Ghost?

Holy Ghost Nativity Scene


Mary has to be Godzilla because it’s obvious that baby Jesus Godzilla doesn’t have any of Ghidorah’s genes… which he wouldn’t.

Godzilla Egg Nativity Scene


It’s Jenga Jesus!

wood block set nativity scene



Geese Goose Ducks Nativity Scene


The nativity scene for Minimalists.

Minimalist Nativity Scene clay


“Away in the manger no Bud for a bed…”

Jesus in Miller Lite Casr Nativity Scene


Hot dog! Hmm… Wonder how long you bake that?

Hot dogs Bacon Meat Nativity Scene


Now that’s something you don’t see on the County Courthouse lawn every day.

Naked boys men Nativity Scene


It’s time for grandma to put down the knitting needles and step away.

Knitted Meerkats Nativity Scene


Merry Cubism Christmas.

Wooden Blocks Nativity Scene Cubism


Yet another fine non-Kosher tribute to the King of the Jews.

Pigs Nativity Scene


I want to believe.

Alien Porch Nativity Scene


Minimum Security Prison Jesus.

Jesus in Jail Santa Monica Nativity Scene


Creepy again.

Creepy Masks Nativity Scene


Even creepier!

Creepy Mannequins Nativity Scene


Where Christmas is always in fashion.



Shotgun shells? Really?



If this is Christmas, I’d love to see what they do for Halloween.

Creepy Skeletons Nativity Scene


LOL! I think that is in a storefront window, too.

Sock Monkey Nativity Scene


Happy Politically Correct Christmas Holidays.

ACLU Solstice Barn Nativity Scene


One of the best uses of Spam I’ve ever seen.

Manger Nativity Scene carved out of Spam


A Squidivity Scene.

Squidtivity Nativity Scene


I LOVE all the different creative interpretations through the use of toys and action figures. I spot something funny and new each time I gander at these scenes.

Toys Action Figures Nativity Scene Toys Action Figures Batman Nativity Scene


Is that Bill & Ted serenading on the left? Excellent!

Toys Action Figures Batman Nativity Scene Toys Action Figures Nativity Scene Toys Action Figures Nativity Scene Legos Indian Sitting Bull Nativity Scene Spiderman Toys Nativity Scene Star Wars Nativity Scene R2D2 Jesus T-Rex eating baby jesus Nativity Scene Dead Zombie Doll Toys Nativity Scene

 Then what’s the point?

Nativity Scene For Sale– No Mary, Jesus or Joseph

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