16 of the Worst Bad Tattoos: Let the Regrets Begin

The Ugliest Tats: How many more can there be?


See what drugs do to you kids?!?

Drug Life Tattoo



When Jesus Just Can't Even – bad head tattoo



Eyes on Back of Woman's Neck


He looks like a nice boy.

Redrum Mugshot Forehead Tattoo


…but not necessarily the choicest of tat decisions.

writers choicest word is of the relic tattoo bad worst


Can a pink smoking unicorn really mate with a blue pegasus? Why, that’s unnatural.

Smoking Humping Unicorns & Rainbow Tattoo


She must be a coal miner.

Bad Portrait of woman tattoo


Take the bull by the nipple. That’s one way to be led around.

Bull with Nose Ring Pierced Nipple Tattoo


I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. I’d say it’s more like too much tequila.

Luck Tramp Stamp Tattoo


Anybody have some hand sanitizer? Like a truckload’s worth?

Poop on Fingers tattoos


I like his better.



I believe that says: “Grat Kird of Slave Stiery.” But I could be wrong.



Oh, really?

God Don't Make No Trash Tattoo


Oh, yes he does.

Garbage Pail Kids Tattoo


Welcome to 7th-grade life drawing.

Bad, Ugly Naked Woman Tattoo


Wow. If there was ever a need for a huge ol’ pair granny panties…

Huge Butterfly Vagina Thighs Tattoo

C'mon, Ya'll!

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