23 Funny Pics of the Weird, Wild & Wacky

Random & Awesome. Vintage & New. Crazy & Cool.

Strange Humor for Your Humorless Day

Funny Snapchat: Halloween decorations holding pumpkins: Step One, cut a hole in the pumpkin


Funny Pics ~ Anti Selfie Tabs


Funny Pics ~ Pig in a top hat


Funny Pics ~ post no bills


Funny Pics ~ Woman flips car because she dropped her cereal. Her license plate says "CLUMSY"


Bevis & Butthead Benedict Cumber watch & Neil Patrick Harris


Funny Pics ~ vintage retro comic frame superwoman knees villain in crotch


Funny Pics ~ Vintage tacky hotel room with buffalo head


Funny Pics ~ Smoke Cloud Monster


Funny Quotes ~ Feminist asked how I view lesbian relationships... Apparently on HD was not the right answer


Funny Pics ~ Cool weird sideways car


Funny Pics ~ Review of Ford Theater by Abe Lincoln


Vintage Teenager Magazine: Crocheted Ski Masks


Funny Pics ~ When you die and you don't have anymore sick days


Funny Pics ~ Hamburger Mouth Gag Bondage


Funny Pics ~ Colorful Toad


Funny Pics ~ Stoned, high fat Elvis Presely


Funny Pics ~ Pie Chart: Pie that I've eaten. pie I have yet to eat


Funny Pics ~ Jesus Pez Dispenser


Vintage men's stag magazine cover: Sizzle


Funny Pics ~ Hipsters & Mullets: Someday soon this will be remembered like this


Funny Pics ~ Professor lecturing and humping skeleton


Vintage Bathing Beauties Sunny Side Up

C'mon, Ya'll!

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