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16 Funny Pics & Memes

Santa Jesus Light Saber Raptor UFOs illustration

THe First drink of the morning is always the best drink of the morning ~ vintage snapshot of man in underwear with whiskey bottle

beautifully creepy pic of water snake

Vintage Tarzan book cover eating a banana  edgar rice burroughs

Do all things with kindness, you fucker ! insirationa; quotes

Funny Christmas : Vintage Family Snapshot

Seeing double... face with 4 eyes 2 mouths

Have you seen the cat? ~ cat in paper shredder

OMG, I'm so RETRO! ~ Matheus Lopes Castro illustration

The smallest penis in existence and the electron microscope technician who loved him

Millennium Falcon flying over my neighborhood

Classic Mork & Mindy pic ~ Pam Dawber & Robin Williams

So that's where all the chair went

Funny Fortune Cookie: That's Not Chicken

The Rascal's Guide: Naughty Women & How to Tame Them ~ vintage men's mag

cow with number 7 on face, head

Corky the Clown, Cypress Gardens... See You in Hell!

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