20 Funny GIFS Loaded With Laughs

Funny Gifs of Goofiness


1. Like this happy fella playing Human Escalator

Guy happily waling down the stairs twirling arms


2. And this young sports fan who’s got his groove on

Excited boy at game rips shirt off and dances



3. Or this old couple that stumbled upon 2 Chainz website

Old Couple bobbing heads



4. Or this precise moment that the acid kicked in

Girl in Michigan State Spartans Pep Band going crazy



5. And this dude who’s having a far-worse Monday than you

car going down the highway upside down



6. Or this bull that bullied Bat Man big time

Bat Man Attempts to pole vault over a charging bull fail


7. Watching these electrical towers having fun at recess

Electrical Poles jumping rope with wires lines



8. or this amazing flipped-out moment

Hand picks up girl doing a flip on a trampoline and places her in a swimming pool


9. And this funny furry monster on the run


Gotta Go Fast monster running
10. Or the one time you really wished it was Jehovah Witnesses on the other side of the door

Jack Nicholson from The Shining knocking on the door



11. And this girl who took her New Year’s celebration a little too far

Girl's family New Year's celebration goes a bit too far



12. These fans who’ve got a thing for this sportscaster

Fans in stands behind sportscaster licks his ears



13. And this horrifying “Oh, hell no!” moment

Guy trying to catch huge spider on the ceiling but it falls



14. These inflated Happy Dancing’ Sumos

Boys in Sumo Fat Suits Doig The Happy Dance



15. This creepy kid who just entered your nightmares

Creepy Girl with Mouth Eyes



16. And this new Olympic sport: Cat Curling

Olympic Cat Curling



17. Or this girl that takes the cake

Slow motion of girl in a concert audience hit in the face by a flying cake



18. This Ninja Boy schooled by poultry

Ninja boy being chased by a chicken



19. Or this Gym Class Hero

Kid in gym class jumps over one boy but lands on the crotch of another



20. And this sucker who really has the most to celebrate

Maury Povich You're Not The Father Celebration

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