14 Funny Wedding Photos of Ceremonial Madness

Classic Funny Wedding Photos


From cute to funny to just plum crazy, great wedding pictures and ideas of brides & grooms that’ll make ya smile, and in some case, avoid at all cost!

Russian Bride & Butterflies ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Unfortunately, the groom’s face did stick that way.

Making Funny Faces ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Classic 1960s.. Go ahead… Touch it.

Vintage 1960s Bride & Bridesmade snapshot ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


The bride making her final pre-ceremony preparations.

Bride chugging champagne from bottle ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


That’ll be an interesting honeymoon.

Russian Bride & Groom Centaurs on beach ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pics


Looks like she’s getting married under a full moon.

Bridesmaids in underwear flashing ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Aunt Star Flower performing her 23-minute rendition of “Blowin’ in the Wind”.

Hippy lady singing at wedding ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


How many of you can say that your wedding pics got photobombed by a Beluga whale?

Aquarium Whale Photobomb ~ 14 Funny Wedding Pictures


I’d say┬áthis marriage got off to a rocky start.

Bride & Groom handing from cliff ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


The complete and utter joy was overwhelming.

Unhappy Russian bridal party ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


The ceremonial tossing of the flower girl.

Swinging Flower Girl ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Smoke’em if ya got’em.

Smoking Bride ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Wow. We had Raptors crash our wedding reception.

T-Rex chasing bridal party ~ 14 Funny Wedding Picss


Lilliputians or one giant-assed swan?

Russian Bride & Groom on back of swan ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos


Oops..GIF Bride loses dentures in communion cup ~ 14 Funny Wedding Photos

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