16 Regretfully Bad Tattoos, Yet Tastefully Horrible

More of the Worst Tats Ever


Who dat crazy happy little criminal?

Funny mugshots Who Dat on forehead ~ worst bad tattoos


Could be worse. She could be obsessed with Hasselhoff instead of Rihanna.

Girl covered in Rihanna tats ~ worst bad tattoos


Are those marshmallows?

face plugs lip cup ~ worst bad tattoos


Perhaps the ghost town tattoo in existence.

Ghost town ~ worst bad tattoos


Kan Fsha?

KanIsha face eyebrow tat ~ worst bad tattoos


One would think that after ya saw the artist’s sketch ya would’ve stopped there.

Woman Portrait Fail ~ worst bad tattoos


Pain that will last a lifetime.

scary skull chest cleavage ~ worst bad tattoos


Too bad it won’t.

Misspelled This to shall pass ~ worst bad tattoos


Looks like doodles from my high school government class folder.Swaggy Mouse ~ worst bad tattoos


A tattoo that’s as equally bad as the movie it’s from.

The dark one opens and closes the door to Silent Hill~ worst bad tattoos


Like staring at a horrible car crash.

Eyes "What the fuck are you looking at" on back of neck ~ worst bad tattoos


Eyeball weaves. Why haven’t these caught on?

Hair Weaves with tattooed eyes showing ~ worst bad tattoos

Stay classy, my friend.

Dime Piece Diamond Wings stomach woman ~ worst bad tattoos


He must be a giant to be able to squat over the goal post like that.

BYU Football Player Brigham Young University ~ worst bad tattoos


Yes. Yes, you are.

Pinup Stewed Screwed tattooed ~ The Worst Bad Tattoos

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